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PCT 2015 Day 99: Elsewhere

  • Start: 1,671.9
  • End: 1,690.0
  • Miles: 18.1
  • Camp: Wards Fork

I have limited recollection of the trail from today. I remember a gentle climb in the morning with views across the valley, and some forested trail which gave ample opportunity for catching up on lost time. But the details of the trail are sketchy as I was absorbed in conversation for much of the day. It was wonderful to catch up, and to have the opportunity to share my experiences of the PCT so far.

We had lunch on a tall rock with what would prove to be my last sweeping views of California after we entered the denser forest in the afternoon. We also saw some slightly peculiar things, including a commode block which had no pit underneath it and several rock piles with no apparent purpose. We took it relatively easy, starting late and taking breaks, but still made it 21 miles. We decided to stop just short of the California/Oregon border, spend a last night in California and leave the major milestones for tomorrow. It’s exciting to think that I have a whole new state to look forward to after three months in California.

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