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PCT 2015 Day 68: A Change of Plan

  • Start: 1,046.8
  • End: 1,048.4
  • Miles: 1.6
  • Camp: South Lake Tahoe

It was a dry night, although cold and overcast so still nothing dried. The guys were clearly bummed by having wet everything, and by the time we hit highway 4 after not even 2 miles, they wanted to go into town to dry out and warm up. Given I was also pretty cold, having hiked in damp clothes on a chilly morning, I agreed on the condition that we come back to the same place. It means I can pick up my bounce box, instead of arriving on a Saturday evening which had been the original plan and would have meant two zero days to wait for the post office. 

We found rides to Markleeville and South Lake Tahoe reasonably easily, but we arrived in town on a Friday. Tahoe is a tourist spot for the lake and the proximity to Nevada and casinos, and accommodation prices skyrocket for Friday and Saturday nights. Bummer. At least there is hot fresh food, water out of taps, and a toilet with a seat. Not much else required.

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