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PCT 2015 Day 69: Zero Day South Lake Tahoe

  • Start: 1,048.4
  • End: 1,048.4
  • Miles: 0
  • Camp: South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe has positives and negatives for a zero day. The town is super well-stocked. But. Everything is spread out, and it takes lots of time to get through all the usual tasks. We started with the things nearest to the motel: breakfast and resupply. I managed a good resupply at the supermarket, including pre-cooked sausages and bacon which are heavy but possibly worth it and almost never available.

Additional resupply items went back in the bounce bucket before we sent it on, and I changed out of my nice clean town clothes to pack those away too. The bus service was free today vs $2 yesterday but just as unreliable, and we waited over half an hour beyond the scheduled time before one arrived. We still made the post office in time to send off our buckets though, and I sent my socks back to the manufacturer for replacements so I should have new socks in a couple of weeks. 

We decided to walk >2 miles to “the Y” because we figured it would be quicker than waiting for the next bus! I’m definitely not a fan of walking that sort of distance in towns. However we did pass a brewery on the way, so we stopped for lunch. We also met Methinks who is now off trail again due to his back issues. He’s got a car borrowed from some trail angels in town and so we asked for a ride to trailhead tomorrow.

The outfitter in the Y we had heard so much about was incredibly disappointing. They did have a hiker lounge and seemed friendly but they didn’t have anything we needed, and we were surprised that the generic Sports Ltd by our motel had a more suitable selection of items.

The final task of the day was to pack up my resupply into my food bag. This time it was too big to fit. Six nights, seven days. I hope it isn’t too heavy!

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