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PCT 2015 Day 93: Feeling easy

  • Start: 1,526.9
  • End: 1,549.4
  • Miles: 22.5
  • Camp: Overlooking Bull Lake

We had arranged to meet Firecracker and Big Fish for a lift back to the trail around 9am so we managed a lie-in and a proper breakfast at the Black Bear in the same day! We got caught in roadworks on the way to the trail too so we got a rather later start than usual. The miles felt easy and the day lazy.

The scenery was varied and contributed to the unusually fast passage of time. From the small details, such as the paper-thin beautifully patterned seed pods we could see lining the pathways, to the wide-angle perspective, there was something to marvel at with every mile. 

Lunch was by the side of Deadfall Lakes where the wind blew persistently through the trees and chilled me despite the hot sun. Again it was laid back and unrushed and we found ourselves lingering to revel in the easy atmosphere.

We camped early as we liked the site on an outcropping overlooking a lake. We had done over 20 miles in under eight hours despite the long breaks and the unhurried pace.

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