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PCT 2015 Day 137: Wet Walking

  • Start: 2,427.5
  • End: 2,449.0
  • Miles: 21.5
  • Camp: Deception Lake

Today was rainy and misty for most of the day. The lake we had seen from camp the night before was blanketed in cloud as we hiked down the hill towards the Waptus River. The rocks and the wooden bridges were slippery and it was a relief to get into the forest where the trail was softer.

I don’t know if it was the rain preventing proper refuelling or the tricky surfaces, but going was slow today. In addition Chug’s knee had been hurting all morning and we slowed down further in the afternoon as it got worse. The rain also picked up as the day wore on, and the only stop we made was at a tricky stream crossing where we paused to pick a route and figured we might as well restock on water whilst we were there. 

The main difficulty I have when it rains is that there is not much to see, and slowing down for slippery conditions means I get cold and bored. We were leapfrogging with Sir Privywinks and an older couple for most of the day, and I think we have all had better days than today. We arrived later than planned at Deception Lake, and decided to stop early. Chug’s knee is painful and there is no point in getting more injured especially when it’s cold and wet.

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