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PCT 2015 Day 134: Snoqualmie Pass

  • Start: 2,377.6
  • End: 2,395.8
  • Miles: 18.2
  • Camp: Snoqualmie Pass

The 18 miles to Snoqualmie Pass were supposed to feel quick, compared to a normal 25-30 mile day, but the terrain is pretty rocky with some steepish climbs and descents so it didn’t quite work that way. Nevertheless we could hear the roar of I-90 by noon and we were at the pass before 2:30pm.

We arrived to find a small crowd outside a food cart, including Jaywalk and Thinmint who had arrived a couple of hours before us. They recommended the “Hurry Curry” box which we came back for at dinner time, and which was as good as they said.

We also ran into Chickadee and Stonefly at the Summit Inn. They had also arrived an hour or so earlier, but we’re still bundled into their waterproof coats and hats. They are from the Tahoe area and the wet isn’t agreeing with Chickadee who was surprised to see me in a short sleeved t-shirt despite coming straight off the mountain. It’s definitely feeling like autumn.

The rest of the nearo (if 18 miles can be called a nearo) was spent resupplying and catching up on calories. I’m yet to find a satisfying hamburger in Washington though.

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