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PCT 2015 Day 113: Bend, OR

  • Start: 1,953.6
  • End: 1,958.2
  • Miles: 4.6
  • Camp: Just past Elk Lake

Today was a near-o with breakfast and lunch in town. It meant getting up late (9am – how lazy!) and pootling round town getting chores done. First on the list was food resupply at the Grocery Outlet. This bargain market has end of line products or items near expiry. It means less choice, but I can be creative with what’s available and it costs half the price of Safeway. I managed to resupply for 6 days for around $40.

Repackaging the shopping outside the store on the ground, my eyes started to itch from the smoke that was heavier than yesterday. There is some rain due at the end of the week, which should help.

We took a bus down to the Post Office to send some of the food to Big Lake so that we don’t have to carry it. Unfortunately the nearest post office was not a main one, and had just had its collection so our package won’t leave until tomorrow. Hopefully it will get there next day, otherwise we’ll be hanging around Big Lake looking hungry for a day!

Last on the list was REI to get some new gloves. Mine have been developing ever larger holes for some time to the point where they no longer protect me properly from the sun. Chug wanted new shoes and socks, so we had a lot to do. At 5:30, trail angel Gay picked us up and shuttled us back to Elk Lake but declined payment – such generosity out here persisting! 

There was only time for a couple of miles of hiking but that was enough to put us in the woods away from civilisation. Back on the road.

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