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PCT 2015 Day 105: Hurting

  • Start: 1,742.2
  • End: 1,774.2
  • Miles: 32
  • Camp: Hwy 140

Today was SO LONG. It started just fine, with the uphill hike out of camp passing quickly. But it soon started to drag as our legs and feet started to suffer from old and beaten up shoes.

By the time it got to 4pm, we had only made it as far as the ski shelter at 22 miles. There was water and camping but we knew we couldn’t stop at 22. We also knew that neither of us particularly relished the thought of another 10 miles. My feet and legs are feeling the miles even though the terrain isn’t the most challenging.

Just 4 miles into the 10, I spotted a flat tent site and considered stopping there for the night. Unfortunately we would have been slightly short of water, having planned to end at the highway and creek. The last 6 miles dragged badly and though it took us over some incredible lava fields the pain was winning out over awe. I limped into camp around 8pm, one of the latest finishes yet. I was utterly starving when we arrived, having rationed my food badly through the day. I have certainly felt better!

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