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PCT 2015 Side Note

At this point I should probably explain the funny names I’ve been using to refer to people on the trail. For some of them, you might just think they had slightly hippy parents. For others though, you’re probably wondering. On the trail, hikers give each other trail names. It’s easy to recognise people, it makes you feel closer when you know the story behind a trail name, and it gives the hiker a separate identity on the trail to their “real world” identity. Superhero names, if you will. Hikers give each other names (few pick their own) usually based on a funny story or something daft that they did. It’s endearing.

So we have names like “Doolittle” for the guy who is usually great with animals but who managed to enrage a dog up by Eagle Rock by doing absolutely nothing, the creature just hated him. We have “Starfish” for the girl who said you could grow new toenails after they fall off on trail, like starfish regenerating. “Hands” is all covered up in the sun, but has super tanned hands because they’re exposed all day. “Pandora” is named for the radio because she sings along on the trail.

And I’m Bird. Because I eat like a bird. Errrrrr. Because a bird landed on my hat after a siesta, and because I love to fly.

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