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Circus School: Week 3

The cold I had last week left me with slightly strained intercostals this week. So as not to aggravate them any further, I sat out of most classes, learning a valuable lesson in how much injury sucks. I practised my juggling whilst watching the others on the flying trapeze, and have done a lot of stretching and journalling to make sure I can practise anything new during practice time when I’m back to full strength.

I managed to arrange a sports massage for Wednesday, which definitely helped and was very lucky to get at short notice, but I missed the hula hoop class and there was a lot I couldn’t do in acrobatics. I got a tiny bit of easy practice in during practice time, but nothing substantial. Then things took a turn for the worse on Thursday. The pain in my left ribs had subsided and I joined in the warm up. I felt an unnerving pop and sharp pain in my right ribs, which up to that point had been problem-free. I sat and watched dance and hoop and Chinese pole where there was the possibility of new material, but then went off to get it checked out. Unfortunately whatever is wrong, the treatment for ribs is always the same – ibuprofen and rest. So Friday is off. I can’t imagine I will miss much for not watching the classes – handstands, rope, extension and yoga. I wouldn’t be able to participate so I stayed home instead. It’s warmer and hopefully will lead to a full recovery by Monday.

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