The Houston Art Car Museum

As I’m sure may have already become clear, I’m not totally in love with Houston. It’s huge and sprawling (and humid) and it’s a bit of an adjustment for a walking explorer like me. However, I go there quite frequently and like to make the best of it, so with an afternoon to myself in the middle of a recent trip, I went in search of the Art Car Museum. OK, so I Ubered out there.

The place is incredible. I’m told the collection changes roughly every quarter, and I’d be happy to go back each and every time.

Honestly, it took me right back to the playa. The Houston Art Car Collective takes a car to Burning Man each year, the people running the Museum are Burners, and it was great to spend a while chatting about the experience with both them and a few of the other guests. The DMV at Burning Man incorporates more than just Art Cars, of course – the creations run to spectacular artworks that are barely recognisable as vehicles, but the models on display in Houston are not any less impressive for retaining their street-legal status.

Each year, Houston has an Art Car Parade. I’ve never been in town to see it happen, but it makes me want to come back to the city!

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