NYC – Day 9, Part 2, DUMBO

Once I got to the Brooklyn Bridge, the elbows came out and I felt like I was back in London. On Oxford Street. During Christmas shopping period. URGH. Whilst I was trying to be polite and considerate, standing out of the way to avoid large groups whilst taking my photos, trying hard not to just stop walking suddenly whilst in front of others etc, unfortunately no one else had the same idea. At the end of the bridge, I took the route that the fewest pedestrians were taking, of the two options, and figured I’d work it out! As it happened, the left hand route took me past One Girl Cookies where I took the opportunity to thaw out with a latte and a slice of cake. Advice for this store: choose the cake. The individual cookies look lovely, and the whoopie pies squidgy and delicious, but the cake is cut with a generous hand and therefore gives much more bang for the buck. Either that or the server thought I looked undernourished and about to faint.

The photo opportunity was delightful, although the sunset was a little too cloudy to be really impressive. The skyline comes alive during the blue hour, and I love the shade of the sky at that time anyway. The Brooklyn Bridge Park is closed half way along, where the River Café is, I assume still rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy. Still, it doesn’t take much to walk from the Manhattan Bridge to the Brooklyn Bridge via the roads. Further along, where the smaller moorings are, is a wonderful viewpoint. There were already 3 tripod-toting enthusiasts there when I arrived, although we played musical chairs a bit with the various set-up spots. I’d like to come back here when it’s a bit warmer and do it properly. I only had a small selection of kit, and next time I’d add a wider-angle lens.

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