NYC – Day 9, Part 1, Fitting In

Today was a fairly free day, so I thought I’d mooch around such that I ended up in DUMBO for around 2.30pm, have a cup of coffee and then take some pictures of the bridges and the Manhattan skyline over sunset and the blue hour. Great idea, except it was freezing. Literally. Not one to be deterred (ha!) I mooched solidly for three hours through the Lower East Side, Chinatown and Little Italy. The latter two, I just had to follow my nose rather than using any kind of map. I’ve also noticed that people keep stopping me in the street to ask for directions. This means one of two things; i) I look less threatening than everyone else on the street (I gotta work on that) or ii) I have developed an air of belonging and look as though I can help them (which I can’t). Whilst being entirely unable to help the first 3 people that stopped me today, I managed to successfully point one couple in the direction of Chinatown (vague gesturing, not sure it really counts). The real success story though was reeling off the subway route from Brooklyn to Midtown. Piecing together experiences from the past few days definitely counts, so I’m taking that win.

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