NYC – Day 6 Part 2, The Remains of the Day

Between the Rushing this morning and the play this evening, there was a significant gap which looked like a challenge. I crammed in as many miles as I could.

First stop: the High Line. Whilst it’s probably not at its best in December, I like the idea of this elevated railway-turned-park. The views at certain points are spectacular, and the history of the industrial West Side has been beautifully preserved. It wasn’t a day for lingering, as it was cold and breezy especially up high, so I hurried along to 16th street and Chelsea Market. New York’s answer to Borough Market? Imagine Borough Market relocated to Kensington. That’s what Chelsea Market is like. It’s posh, although it tries not to be, kept so by its clientele. The tables in the aisles are a nice idea, encouraging people to sit with their whole lobsters and giant cupcakes.

From Chelsea Market, I walked down Bleecker Street to get a taste of the West Village. I get the distinct impression that given time I’d feel the same about the West Village as I do about West London. Humming the Simon and Garfunkel song as I walked along helped a bit, although possibly a little obvious. Sometimes I’m a little less weird than people think.

Because I was less than taken with the West Side, I jumped on a train to the Staten Island ferry. It was cold and dirty, and reminded me oddly of the Gosport ferry. But it did provide some spectacular views over the East River and Brooklyn Bridge as well as the beautiful Verrazano suspension bridge over the Narrows. The star, of course, is the Statue of Liberty which was passed closely enough to be easily captured with a 135mm lens.

I took full advantage of the pay-what-you-can MOMA admissions, which reminded me a little of the Tate Modern. Excellent for a short trip, overwhelming to take in the whole gallery at once. And nice to be able to pay a portion of the usual admission, based on the amount of time I had to attend. Although the queuing took a bit of time too. I particularly liked Cézanne’s Pines and Rocks which I looked at for about 20 minutes despite having only 2 hours to see the whole museum.

A Junior’s burger made up the meal of the day just before the play. And the cheesecake came home in a take-out box for later. Half of it didn’t make it through the night.

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