NYC – Day 3 Part 2, Christmas Magic Kicks Off

The early afternoon was set aside for the New York City Ballet Balanchine Nutcracker. The magic of Christmas starts! The children from the School of American Ballet were completely adorable, and made me think how much better Christmas is when you’re a child. The excitement of staying up late, seeing so many friends and family members that you never see any other time of year, Christmas TV programmes on the telly, and the food and drink is so much better than normal. The ballet showed us all of those (OK, not the telly programming, except in a metadramatic “I’m watching a seasonal performance” sort of way). Of course, the Waltz of the Flowers is now inextricably linked in my mind with “Let’s hear it for homos today” (thanks, Reduced Shakespeare Company) but otherwise the show was mesmerising start to finish. Especially the Pas de Deux with the Sugarplum fairy in a green tutu. However, the white tights did make me remember the occasion around 12 years ago, trying to choose a squad leotard, where the one consensus that was reached was ANYTHING BUT WHITE. I know that light colours accentuate musculature yadda yadda yadda, but still…

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