NYC – Day 2 Part 3, The Best Game in the World

What a game this evening. I adore hockey. Truly. An Original Six matchup was always going to be a bigger crowd than last night’s Minnesota Wild game, but I had no idea what was in store as I munched through the inevitably overpriced Arena food and watched the boys warm up. I had a hockey novice on my right, so spent a fair bit of time answering questions such as “are they allowed to do that?” and “was that a goal?” and “what just happened?” but I very very much like to SPREAD THE HOCKEY JOY and she did leave extremely happy. It was probably the beer, but I like to think I helped. But the game! The game! Amazing. Tense enough in the first, but the NYR completely outshot the Leafs in the second and still the game sat at 0-0 going into the third. JT Miller did a quick change into the lineup and snapped the puck in the net pretty much straightaway, but a controversial “did he poke it out of the goalie’s pad” goal from the Leafs evened the score. Overtime. Shootout. Edge of the Seat. On your feet. Scream and shout til you have nothing left. It is honestly the best game in the world, and it gives you moments like these. Of course, the Rangers have won two of the two games I’ve been at (after a pretty poor run) so I’m expecting the call about the position of Team Mascot any minute.

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