NYC – Day 2 Part 1, Sublimating exhaustion with Pancakes

Rather unfortunately, the plan to stay up late on the first day and thereby counter the programming to wake up at 2am ET failed miserably. Whoops. Maybe it will work better tonight! 3 hours sleep in the last 48 would seem to make it necessary. Doesn’t mean anything, does it?

So to recover from the disappointment of getting up at 7am, I sought out pancakes. On my previous visit to NYC, I got told about a cafe in the East Village (turns out it’s the LES technically, but meh whatever) that served the pancakes of legend; Clinton St Baking Company. Obviously this was the spot. Being Nobby No-Mates is generally an advantage when trying to eat at terribly popular places, and today was no different. A 10-15 minute wait for a spot at the bar seemed reasonable given the hostess was telling all the couples and groups 45 mins or more. Good job, I’d walked a mile in the rain to get there and was pretty hungry. The hype was well-justified. A lovely bartender paid attention to my coffee cup and provided timely refills, the 3 chocolate chunk pancakes were hot and fluffy, and maple butter may in fact be the best invention in the world. Happiness tastes like this.

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