NYC – Day 10, Part 2, Ice Time

To finish off 2013 with a bit of activity, I wandered up to Midtown to skate at Bryant Park Winter Village. It’s actually really beautiful. The park is taken over by the rink, but there are also wooden shops with crafty goods in typical Christmas-market style. And a giant Christmas tree. Obviously. The great thing about this rink is that it’s free to skate if you bring your own skates (although rentals cost $19 which is kinda the same as the entry fee everywhere else!) and if you also bring a padlock you can stash your sneakers for free as well without lining up for bag-check. My visit was well-timed, as the Zamboni came out just as I started to lace my skates. It meant waiting a few minutes, but it was worth it to get the clean surface. After 45 minutes the ice was chewed up and unpleasant to skate on, so I can only imagine what it would have been like at the end of a session. The skating was clockwise, which is the opposite to most of the rinks I’ve been to in the UK. Good and bad news. The bad news is I can crossover pretty neatly turning left, but I suck at turning right. The good news is, I had plenty of opportunity this afternoon to practise! It’s definitely improved but still sucky.

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