NYC – Day 10, Part 1, True Colours (Bleeding Blue)

Revisiting Clinton St Baking Company to fill up on pancakes and hash browns seemed like the best plan today, seeing as dinner would not be until after 9pm and I didn’t want to rely on arena food in the mid-afternoon. The chocolate pancakes were as good as I remembered, and I was glad to bid farewell to this lovely café. I also understand a little better why people here are a bit dubious of walking, preferring to take the bus or the subway. It’s not laziness, it’s the weather. I walked half an hour to get to Clinton St, but it was 21F/-6C and the wind stung my face. I now look like I’ve been sunburned, and in fact there may be a bit of that too. I took the subway home!

The NY Rangers are currently in Florida, playing Lightning and Panthers back to back, but the Penguins were visiting the NJ Devils for a 1pm face off. The Devils team isn’t as popular and the cheapest tickets are much cheaper than Rangers tickets, so it seemed like a good way to get in a bit more hockey. The PATH train to New Jersey was surprisingly simple and also cheap ($2.50, same as the subway) and is now looking like a better option to get back to the airport. There’s also an indoor walkway through a shopping centre right to the intersection where the Prudential Center is, so braving the cold isn’t necessarily required. Obviously it was going to be dangerous to admit to being a Rangers fan, so the only trouble was picking a team to support. Where I was sitting I had Pens fans on the left and Devils fans on the right. Both teams are in the Metropolitan division of the Eastern Conference with the Rangers although the Pens are leading by a mile already. I couldn’t bring myself to shout for the Devils, so Pens it was. The occasional cries of “Rangers suck” were still slightly upsetting! As it happens, it wasn’t a thrilling game although seeing the Pens beaten was somewhat surprising.

It was no Rangers game, that’s all.

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