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Day 91: Lazy Zero

Today we zeroed with trail angels JoAnn and Emory. I don’t think we left the house all day. We made it as far as the garage to the washing machine to do laundry, but really the day was all about the sofa and the TV. JoAnn is a big LA Dodgers fan so we watched a lot of baseball, and Emory made his “coronary popcorn” with butter and salt.

JoAnn had a jigsaw puzzle half done and allowed us to help her complete it, and we whiled away an hour or two with that. We also watched the PCT thru-hikers’ video from 2009 and the National Geographic feature on the trail. The class video sections for California had plenty of places we recognised, both town and trail, and it was nice to think back to my own experiences of those places. The National Geographic video had wonderful overhead shots of the trail that must have been filmed from a helicopter, and it was impressive to see the expanse we have covered so far.

JoAnn’s jigsaw

After a huge fresh taco salad dinner, we made plans for a slackpack tomorrow. Hopefully a nice re-entry after a lazy zero.

Miles: 0
Camping: Mile 1506, JoAnn and Emory’s house in Lake Shastina

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