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Day 56: Mammoth Lakes Zero

I had hoped to rest my ankle and feet whilst in town, and knowing that the Post Office didn’t open until Monday gave me a whole Sunday before the task of resupply began in earnest. Moving straight from the breakfast cafe to a coffee shop seemed perfectly reasonable today. I was glad to find that Mammoth, like Bishop, has a proper coffee shop where the baristas can create an espresso beverage to rival London.

The town is reasonably compact, which I like for zero days because it cuts down the walking that I have to do. It might sound strange, but I don’t want to walk when I’m not in the wilderness. I have no interest in mooching round town. I can sit for hours with a cup of coffee, reading a book, watching a movie, writing my journal. But I don’t want to walk. The outdoor gear stores are on the same street as the hotel, the coffee shop and several restaurants. So is the Post Office. The only thing that isn’t is the market where I will buy my food, and there is a free town trolley bus there. Easy peasy.

Miles: 0
Camping: Mile 907, Red’s Meadow/Mammoth (not camping)

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