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Day 39: Seeing the Sierra

The campsite had been on the top of a hill so the morning began with a fast descent. We made good time into Chimney Creek, where we had been expecting to find a campground with a water faucet. Instead we found directions to a single tap at the far end of the campground, 1.1 miles away off-trail, and a creek right on trail with perfectly good water. I washed some clothes in my cooking pot by the creek as we sat to snack with Staying Alive and Crunch Berry.

Leaving the creek was hard, knowing we had a hot climb ahead. It actually turned out fine, and the trail provided a wonderfully shady tree for a lunch spot. In the afternoon the trail moved into an exposed burn area, with a long steady downhill to end the day. All the way down, I could see the Sierra Nevada in the distance, giving a taste of what is to come. I could also hear F18 jets, perhaps from Edwards Air Force base, and have learned to look ahead of the sound to see the jet.

The Sierra Nevada from a distance

We set up camp early tonight to ease ourselves into trail life steadily. As we ate dinner and collected water, we saw a tent city growing by the creek. It’s slightly worrying to see the size of this bubble compared to the one we left a couple of weeks ago. Far more hikers, which means more noise and more competition for campsites, hitches and other resources. More chances of meeting interesting people though, too.

Miles: 21
Camping: 693.9

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