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Day 35: A Sunset Makes Me Smile

The alarm at 4.45am is getting more offensive as time goes by. I love hiking early when it’s not too hot and miles go by quickly, but I’m getting tired and would appreciate more sleep on occasion. This morning, I awoke to condensation on my sleeping bag, and remembered that one of my major fears on the trail is getting…

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A Lunchtime Excursion in the City

I made a first foray into the world of infrared photography this week. It’s been surprisingly successful, although more by luck than good judgement at this stage. Since upgrading my main camera, I’ve been mulling the possibility of converting the old one to infrared. Given it’s almost worthless now, selling it seemed like it would likely be a wasted effort.…

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NYC – Day 9, Part 2, DUMBO

Once I got to the Brooklyn Bridge, the elbows came out and I felt like I was back in London. On Oxford Street. During Christmas shopping period. URGH. Whilst I was trying to be polite and considerate, standing out of the way to avoid large groups whilst taking my photos, trying hard not to just stop walking suddenly whilst in…

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