Notes from Circus School – Show Week

The show week was intense, not least because we had to rebuild the training space to accommodate lights, backdrop, and audience. Daisy and I took responsibility for lighting, and stayed late (1am late!) on the night before the first show to rig, test and program all the lights. Lots of help from Rhey scampering about in the roof in a harness to wire up faulty units, and lots of crawling around on catwalks in the dust. I think I must have climbed from the ground into the roof at least twenty times during the day!

Show day was relatively light, just running through people’s rigging and routines a couple of times. And then the nerves set in. I was on several ibuprofen to mask the pain in my ribs, and managed to get through a five minute rope act on adrenaline! So much fun. And amazing to see everyone’s acts really take on characters and moods that hadn’t been perceptible in rehearsals.

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