Flying a little closer to home today

Some days are just great. Snow days usually fall into this bucket for me. Today, it snowed in London (which is a rarity) and I wasn’t especially busy at work (also a rarity) so when my friend called me up in the afternoon excitedly asking me to go out to play in the park, I couldn’t say no!

I hurried to Hampstead and we wandered up to the Heath. Despite there only being a centimetre or two of snow, the park was full of excited kids and their parents trying to sledge and building snowmen, having snowball fights. Their excitement was so contagious, we were giggling within moments of arriving in the park!

My friend had wanted to take some yoga pictures for a blog, so that was a priority before phone batteries got so cold they wouldn’t function. But one of the wonderful things about winter sun is that it sits so low to the horizon that it makes everything look beautiful, and it’s hard to take a bad photograph.

Just look at this sparkling delight!

Phones long since dead, and light fading fast, we ended up walking all the way up through the park, past Kenwood House and out of the northern end. With a fairly long walk back, it seemed rude not to stop at the pub to sit by the fire for a bit and thaw out before setting off home.

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